Meditative Moment

Paraphrasing this insightful Stevie Wonder song: evil has engulfed so many hearts... and destroyed so many minds…. It is at the root of hatred and robs the world of love… by clouding our eyes… and breaking the spirit within...

Daily we see the face of evil in this world.
We feel its destructive touch.
We know it's damaging effects.
And in the face of that terrible truth there is another truth: we are the ones with the power to stop the evil in this world from engulfing more hearts, destroying more minds and devouring our nation and world.
Evil is powerful. But so are we.

Music performed by The Cosmic Orchestra

Meditative Moment delivered by the Rev. Jennifer Brower, available at 2:00 PM and thereafter here, on the UUCSR YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram.

10/23/2020 2:00 PM - 2:15 PM
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