Dramatic Readings

“The Duel” by Chekov (adapted by Wolstan Brown from a short novel).

Chekhov is the most produced playwright is the world – next to Shakespeare.

The play is set in a small village in rural Russia around 1890. Vanya, an attractive, intelligent and self-indulgent young man, has seduced and run away with voluptuous, married Nadya. Two years later, Vanya has become bored and irritated with Nadya and desperately wants to return to St. Petersburg by himself. He wants to borrow money to finance his trip and leave Nadya something to live on.  Von Koren, the only person with enough money, sneers at Vanya's life-style and says Vanya is a parasite and should be killed before he influences others or has any decadent children.

This play foreshadows the development of Nazism in Europe. It also reflects on the clash of ideas between science and religion and the development of helplessness in the “serf-owning class”.

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